Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010. How could anyone not love Christmas. This year was wonderful just like all the other Christmases of the past. One thing different this year was Marty, Mindy, Ruby, Liam, and Charlie came to spend it with me and the Boninos. We started out by going to Oakland to view the lights. I forgot my camera so I took this picture off the internet. Of course Christmas means exhaustion, decorations, baking, fatigue, presents, shopping, parties, tired feet, food, excessive eating, sugar everywhere, going to bed late, but most of all joy. On Thursday we went to Capitola to the Beach. If we had written a letter to the US Department of Sunshine and Rain and requested a perfect day, we could not have had a more perfect day. It was warm, not hot or cold. There was no wind and the waves were lazy and low. The kids had a blast. We stayed until it was almost dark and ate our picnic lunch which was missing that sandy texture because there was no wind. The little kids and the big kids were happy and having fun the whole day. It was really perfect. My adorable grandchildren modeled their latest stylish handknits. A lady I met on the beach who was from Philadelphia thought they were so cute that she took their picture for her self. Christmas Eve is my favorite part of Christmas. It's the Saturday night, the 11th hour, the anticipation is frozen for that moment. I really love it the best. We ate Christmas Eve dinner by candelight and then we had the Christmas pagent and opened the traditional Christmas PJs. Of course we had to leave cookies for Santa and carrots for the raindeer. It is the best. I know that we are not suppose to focus on the gifts we give and get, but what the heck, there is probably more time spent shopping, wrapping, and thinking about what to give and what we want than the whole of baking, and decorating. You know it's true. This year the gifts really reflected thoughtfulness and love. Check them out. These are only a few, but as for me I am standing a little taller and looking a little more like a fashionista. It was decided that Charlie was clueless to what presents were and he has no idea who Santa Claus is so he didn't get much. He loves bananas so he did get one of those. Actually he got a book and a truck which was re-gifted the next night for his birthday. He enjoyed opening them both times and he loved all his presents. You can tell when Charlie is happy because he bounces and rocks furiously with his face all lit up and smiling. Charlie is happy most of the time. He really is perfect in every way. Liam was a lot of fun this Christmas. Most of you who know Liam know that the only way you know that Liam is excited and happy is to look at his eyes, otherwise you can't tell. Liam's best present, to me, was Blue Bear. I know Mindy is going to want to tell that story, so you will have to read her blog. A side note ( Marty and Mindy had their computer stolen while they were here in CA so she may not be able to blog for a while. ) Dave got a set of table top drums so now he doesn't have to go out to the cold dirty garage to practice. I think the drums are therapy for David because sometimes he plays for hours. He also got a new camera. Santa loves David. Of all things! There was a watch in Ruby's stocking!!! I can't list every present, but here are some of Ruby's favorite ones. The hoola hoop was a favorite. There was some confusion as to who gave this gift. At first everyone thought it was Santa, but Ruby said that she thought grandma gave it to her because she saw it in grandma's room before santa came. She was right, I gave it to her. Ruby got a stick horse from Santa which she rode up and down in the driveway while the wind blew like crazy. Suddenly the stick horse bucked and she skidded onto the driveway. It was quite a miracle that she didn't break a leg. Liam and Lucy got stick horses too. We played games. This is not an easy thing to do because you have to wait until you get the little ones to bed and by that time all anyone wants to do is watch a movie or go to bed. But we managed to play a couple of games. There was one game I hated but I'm sure Becca would love it so I'll bring it to the lake. We watched "Planet 51" again and again and again Charlie helped grandma do the dishes I can't believe it's over. It happened so fast. The year was a blur and Christmas was just a tiny quick flash. One moment the Christmas Tree in all it's wonderous glory was sparkling in front of the living room window and the next minute it was gone. And as usual I can't seem to match what I'm telling you with the right picture on this blog, so please forgive me.


  1. Why would I love the game you hate?

    Oh, I wish we were there. It looks like you had so much fun. And I want a tree like yours next year.

  2. I loved all your pictures and comments..your not that old though and you still have the mind of a 20 yr old!


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