Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in pictures

This is a small and brief collection of pictures and notes from this year. If I didn't have satellite, I would do more, but Satellite is so slow and I have been at this all day posting Christmas and a few pictures from this year. Satellite is the pits, but it's faster than dial up. 2010 was a year full of challenges and joys. I wanted to focus mostly on the joys and except for my Brother's passing that is what I will do. My Brother, Bruce, passed away. He was 68. We had a visit from Lidia of "Lidia's Italy" at the Farm. I canned apple pie filling. We went to Utah for General Conference and visited family there. We discovered that some of us had inner demons. Quite frightening Jake started BYU in Provo. I took a tumble down the stairs and crunched my nose and cracked my glasses, but miracle of miracles, I didn't break any bones. Ryan, Becca, Caroline, and Lydia came at Thanksgiving. We went t the boardwalk and later we found out that somewhere deep inside of Becca is another member of the family. Lucy started dance classes Lydia turned three Santa came again This year I became old. Last year I wasn't. I didn't know that's how that worked. Charlie turned one

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