Saturday, February 26, 2011

Resume for Diane Wright

1030 Masten Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020,, Tel: 408-476-6722

Personal Statement

I have lived and worked in South San Jose and Morgan Hill where I live and raised my family for over 40 years. As a mother of six children and as a dedicated employee for 17 years I have developed qualities and skills that have molded me and shaped me into a very dependable, organized and hard working individual.

Work Experience

Morgan Hill Facilities Management Office

For the past ten years I have been employed as an office manager for this FM Group. The office is located in South San Jose. I developed good relationships with customers and vendors helping the office grow from 18 buildings to 26 buildings. I worked independently in a multi tasking environment where I developed good relationships with vendors, and customers and provided an efficient and organized environment for other employees. I expanded our vendor contracts always keeping in mind cost and quality and developed good relationships with customers by responding quickly and ensuring that projects were completed. Other responsibilites included:

· Accounts payable – paying utilities and invoices

· Payroll for 6 employees

· Records, contracts, and documents

· Scheduling and calendaring

· I am Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Specialty Software, Email, Etc

· I Understand the value of following policies and procedures

Morgan Hll Ear Nose and Throat Group:

As an LVN and allergy technician I was responsible for allergy testing and treating the allergy patients in our office. This position helped me to develop good relationships with patients and a sympathetic and compassionate response to their needs. Other responsibilities included:

· Insurance records

· Research and Treatment including making dilutions for Allergy Injections

· Developing Trust with patients and helping them to understand their treatment and what they could expect as results.

· Assisting the doctor with in-office-procedures.

My education includes an AS degree and an LVN nursing certificate. I was a member of the Lambda Rho Honor Society and I received a Scholarship from the National Student Nurses Assoc.

This is my life right now. I spend about 4 hours every day filling out on-line applications and searching the internet for job opportunities. Companies don't want to talk to you, they just want you to fill out the online application many of which are very long and take a lot of time. Then you send it off to the black hole in the computer and never hear from them. With all the applications I have filled out and sent my resume to, I have received one response by email telling me thank you for your application but the position has been filled and one response by phone asking me for more information. I think it should be manditory that they respond so you know at least they received your application. While searching on line, I came across several sites for at home employment. I finally decided to check them out and the first one I checked out was for placing internet ads. You would get so much for each ad you placed. It sounded easy and so I was thinking about doing it (there was a fee to get the material), but decided to check with google about how reputable this was. WOW, so many people signed up for this scam and they were not happy. It is so hard to trust anyone now days because there are so many scam artists out there. It appears the only way to make money is to become a scam artist. Oh well, I will keep on trying to find work. I applied for a job with the church again. This job is with Social Services Adoption Services. They wanted to hire me, but the Corporate offices in Salt Lake would not let them hire me because I was still receiving income from the termination package I accepted. I can be hired in July. They still wanted me and were willing to wait until July to hire me, but they asked if I could come in once a week as a volunteer to learn the job and help out. So I go in on Mondays as a volunteer. The job is only part time, and will not be enough to keep me afloat, so I will continue to look for another job or more part time work to fill in the other job. I'm going to knit myself some fingerless gloves in case I become homeless.

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