Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunny California, nicknamed the Sunshine State. Someone forgot to wake up Mr. Sun. It's cold, rainy, and cloudy in the Sunshine State. I'm not really complaining because it would be really silly of me when one views what is going on in the midwest. But still...... For instance Farmer Russ is having nightmares about his crops because the ground was too wet and soggy to get out there and plant, so crops are late and the little green things are growing so slow because there is no sunshine to help them along. And then there is the lake house which has a temperature of about 35 degrees right now when it should be in the 60s and in the 80 by July. What if it's not. Marty and Mindy tell me that it is in the 80s in St. George. They use to be jealous of our weather and now they could care less. Well it can't be cold all summer, so I will take a deep breath and be patient. I thought I would add this picture of a cactus that grows outside of my office. It has so many floweres on it that are just about ready to open. Yellow flowers and red flowers on the same cactus. I'm not even a fan of cacti, but this one really is beautiful. The flowers will turn into fruit that I'm told is deliceous and I can't wait to try it. one more thing. It's that time of year again. The time of year that Iris brings home lizards to play with. I can tell when she has a lizard in the house because I can hear her leaping and scrambeling about the house and she chases it hither and thither. Holy Moly, I hate Lizards. This one is inside a glass jar that I put over him until David comes home to let him outside. He looks kind of blurry through the glass, and kind of dazed from all the activity. This will go on all summer and it gets worse when it's hot and the door is open for her to come and go as she pleases.

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  1. it better be hot when we go to the lake house or everyone will have to come to St. George for the sun! JK, I can't wait for the lake. Mom, you will have to bring some fruit from the cacti for us to try.


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