Saturday, July 2, 2011

352 DAYS

There are 352 days in a year. 352 Days filled with life. So many things happen in those 352 days. Things that are planned and things not so much planned. On one of those days I got sick, very sick, I'll skip the details. This is not a catastrophic event, but definately a nuisance. On one of those 352 days someone tried to use my debit/ credit card number to buy something for $400 and my bank put a freeze on my card until it could be sorted out. The card was cancelleled and a new one ordered. This is also not catastrophic, in fact I consider myself lucky and my bank wonderful (Thank you SVNB, I love you) since the transaction was declined. This is my question, Why did both of these events happen on the week I planned a trip to Utah to see my family? After all, there were 352 days to use, so why on those very seven days did these two events happen. I did consider cancelling my trip, but I had plans that needed to happen so I went thinking that I would get better very soon since I was already three days into a sore throat, aching, headach kind of sickness, so off I went caravaning with Raquel and a car load of kids. I was not myself on this trip and for that I'm sorry to all who had to put up with me, but then neither was Charlie. He had a double ear infection and complained for hours about it. At least I didn't scream like he did, but I did mope. Here are the highlights of our trip. After a lot of driving, we reached Manti. The house we rented was really nice. It was an old pioneer home that had a garage added to it. The garage kind of ruined the antiquity of the place, but I'm sure it was needed. There was a beautiful little flower garden with old fashioned flowers like Bleeding Hearts, Peones, Bluebells, and wild strawberries. My bedroom looked out to the Temple and at night when it was dark and I was getting into bed it was special to look out to the Temple all lit up. We arrived at the house just in time to walk the two blocks to the pageant. They had about 10,000 chairs set up on the lawn and just about that many people show up for each performance. The picture I took of the people seated behind us was just a fraction of the audience. The performance is about 3 hours long and covers the restoration and the Book of Mormon. We enjoyed it and were so glad we went We stopped in Alpine to visit with Jennifer Young Gubler and her family. It was so fun to see her and meet her family. Her youngest son looks just like Johnathen did when he was that age. Her home was beautiful and really displayed so much talent and creativity. and she had the most beautiful back yard. Luci who had been cooped up in the car for so long, took full advantage of the yard and was everywhere all at once. Rocky and Jennifer a single mount from their cheerleading days and scared us all to death. Raquel went back on another day without all of us and had a longer visity. We spent a couple of days at Ryan and Becca's house. One day, we went to the park for a picnic. We were there a couple of hours and as we left the park Raquel remembered that she left her brand new smart phone on the bumper of the car . We pulled off the road and the phone was gone. We spent about a half an hour back tracking and searching for the phone. We left Jeremy at the exit to the park looking there. When we came to pick him up he said that he had knelt down be a tree a prayed that we would find the phone. He had the impression that we should look out on the highway that we left by which was a very busy heavy traffic road. With doubt, we went out onto the hightway, and saw the phone laying on the side of the road. The faith of a child. Monday morning Becca, Lydia, Emma, and I went shopping. Lydia was very good about not touching, but we let her model some hats for us. Ryan came and had lunch with us and then went back to work. On Tuesday, we all went to the Temple and I was sealed to my parents. We also had my brother sealed to them and we did some sealings for great great grandparents too. Raquel was proxy for my mother and Ryan for my Father and Marty for my brother. It was a beautiful day and a special time for all of us. Back on the road for 4 hours to spend a couple of days with Marty & Mindy at their new house in St. George. Charlie was miserable the whole time with a double ear infection. I don't know how to describe this funny little character because he definately has his own likes and dislikes and one of the things he dislikes is for anyone to look at him. If he catches you looking at him he closes his eyes real tight and squeal/grunts and you can tell he is mad. Then he opens his eyes and if you are still looking at him he does it again and again until you stop looking at him. He wouldn't have anything to do with me until the family all went to some river to swim and left the two of us alone, then he felt obligated to be nice to me. We had a good conversation then. I don't think I can count how many times we picked up this bucket of critters that had such an attraction for everyone less than three feet tall. Before we left St. George on Friday, we went to a local pool to cool off. It was 99 degrees in the morning. Jeremy loved the slide. Mindy loved it too and they both took several trips down. Ruby really has a knack for making friends. As soon as she hit the water, she found someone to play with. Charlie was still suffering from his ear infection, but he loved the water. We spent our last night at Ryan and Becca's. We were all pretty tired and needed a rest, so we just stayed home and ordered pizza. It was sad to say good bye. Lydia and Luci put on their red shirts I had knitted them in honor of the occasion.

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  1. Darn it! Why didn't Lydia look at the camera in that picture? It would have been so cute!


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