Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Week

 Natural Bridges State Park
 You probably think my life must be boring.  After all, I'm old and I have no man to answer to, and all I do is work or knit.  But, you would be wrong.  I have a life, just read on.  On Monday, which was labor day, I went with Raquel and kids to Natural Bridges State Beach.  Next time my family visits, we should go there again.  This was Jeremy's suggestion and Jeremy did good.  It's simply beautiful there. It was a little windy which the surfers love, but not hot or not cold.  Just right. 

 I did find walking up hill in the sand hard on my old knees,  There were no stairs.  Next time Raquel said she would tie a rope to me and drag me up the hill. 
At the turn of the century there were three archways or bridges.  The first one collapsed early in the 1900s.  The middle one collspsed in 1980.  Just picture those two big rocks connected by an archway.   The one in my picture is the only one left. Erosion will probably take it too at some point in time.  I remember coming to this beach with Kim, Matt, and Raquel.  Somewhere I have a picture of them under the middle archway before it collapsed.   The only picture I could find of the bridge before the collapse is a post card I found on line. Raquel and the boys hiked all over the rocks that are near by and I sat down on the rocks and watched the waves as they hit the rocks and vaulted up and over the rocks at my feet. 

 This guy came to join me.
The rocks have such interesting patterns etched in them, I guess from erosion and salt and wind. 
 we even found a fossilized leaf embedded in the rocks.

I also took pictures of the boys playing in the surf and of this guy who was wind surfing. 
Watching him try to manuever his surfing thingy into the water made me  realize how strong you would have to be to manipulate that thing (what are they called?) into the surf to get onto the water.  He was good at it and once he had it on the water it took off. 


As the boys came in out of the surf, they were red as lobsters, I guess from the cold water.  Lucy and Raquel were two little crabs roaming along the surf picking up shells. 
We went to lunch at "The Farm" in Santa Cruz before we hit the beach.  It was a very nice day. 

Because I'm such a good sport, I'm going to share a story about me that you will all think is really funny.  I think it's funny too, but don't remind me of how lame I am every time you see me.  In my kitchen window I have a few plants.  I can only grow cacti there because the sun spends a lot of time at that window and everything else burns up. 

 This particular plant has been my favorite because it has been so healthy and never shows signs of stress.  I water it faithfully once or twice a month because cactuses don't need a lot of water. 
Raquel was over the other night and she was admiring my collection of cactuses and I commented to her how that particular plant had stayed looking so fresh and beautiful.  As she examined it, she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and asked me if I had been watering it and I told her yes, but not too much.  She then informed me that it was an immitation cactus, not real.  We had a good laugh about my silliness.  So blond of me, don't you think.   BTW, the other ones are real, really. 

I do have some real plants.  The ones below are mostly herbs I'm growing in pots for cooking with.  I love to cook with fresh herbs. 

 Tyme and Oregano here,  I also have Rosemary, Parsley, Sage, and Mint.

Russ gave me a bunch of Zinneas to plant.

Maidenhair fern.

Gerber Daisies



And last, I made Oatmeal, Peanutbutter, Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yum  Don't you wish you were here.


  1. You guys should have invited me...I was off that day and would have loved to go to Natural Bridges. I think I have a picture of Matt in the surf under the bridge there somewhere. I will look for it. I love the story of the cactus...too funny!

  2. Bwa haha! I'm laughing so hard about your fake plant! Have you seen that commercial where the lady lets the raccoon into her house because she isn't wearing her glasses? She thinks it's her cat. This would be a good commercial for eye glasses too.

    Yes, let's go to Natural Bridges next time we are there. I love that beach!

  3. diane thanks for sharing a moment in your humerous life with us! marty said this post made him homesick. very homesick. we need the beach ...bad. we need you guys! miss ya. your camera took some really neat pictures. i am impressed with your skills..they were enjoyable to look at.


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