Saturday, September 17, 2011

The following story is rated X.  Children under the age of 3 and squemish adults should leave the room.  This is the half of rabbit that was under my coffee table.  See how long its legs are.  It's a jack rabbit and it's bigger than the cat, at least it was when it was all in one piece.  I don't know how Iris snuck it into the house without getting caught, but then I never see her bring the lizards in, but there they are.  I found one this morning on the kitchen rug, just sitting there. 
Not only did she carry in the back end of the rabbi, but there were two extra paws too.  How did she carry all three pieces into the living room.  She cleverly hid them under the coffee table and David pulled it out so we could take a picture of it.  I'm just grateful there was no blood or other body fluids.  This was seriously gross on every level. 
I told Iris that she sould be ashamed of herself, and this is the look she gave me.  Look at that innocent face.  "Yeah", she says, "and there's more where that came from too."  I'm worried.  What will I find lying around tomorrow. 


  1. Yuck! That Iris...she's such a little huntress! She's probably thinking you shouldn't be scolding her, you should be thanking her for all the presents she brings!


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