Sunday, May 20, 2012

Have You Heard

There is going to be some big changes at the little house on Fitzgerald Ave.  Check it out:
 The porch has been extended to make a much larger area.  
You may not remember, but the porch use to end
 right where the posts are in this picture. 
The area is now being capped with flat stones

 Anthony carved out this heart from one of the stones.  
There is a little tin box that each family member 
placed a love note in to the family.  It will be preserved 
under the stone to remind the family that they are 
loved and will never be forgotten, ever. 

 It's still a work in progress.  Lee is doing the labor with 
the help of whoever is availableHere we have Jeremy 
and Lucy helping with the walkway.  To the left, you 
can see the front yard that is going to be seeded soon. 
 The front yard will go all the way to the road. 
 A lot of lawn..
To e continued

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