Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Vacation

So what is a family vacation all about.  Well to begin with, it's Drama at it's best.  Poor Ruby was sick on the trip to San Diego.  She threw up and it was obvious she was miserable when they drove up.  All she wanted to do was lay down.  Everyone was worried about her at the same time they were excited to start the fun.  Crazy drama at it's best.

Here is how she looked the next day.  I suppose all that blue food dye from her ice cream coated the lining of her stomach and cured her instantly.  She still had a few mild tummy aches, but she definately didn't want to miss out on the fun.  I'm so glad she felt better.   
Does this look familiar.  My boys always had to read the cereal boxes cover to cover.  They would fight over the box because while one was reading the box, someone else decided that it was their turn to read the box.  So many memories.  So we had a quick breakfast and then out the door in swimming suits, flipflops and sunblock.  Oh boy.
Remember this guy, always on the move. 
In that little mind he saw this as a slide.  The wet bating suit and sand made for a perfect zip down the "slide".  I really am amazed and proud of his creativity.

 Liam never got tired of digging holes in the sand and carrying buckets of water to fill them up.  It wore me out just watching him, but I loved the serious and determined face as he carried the water to the site. 
family vacations also mean deep conversations and a few wise cracks. 
Uncle Ryan did not make any points with this trick.  To be fair, Ruby had been throwing buckets of water at Ryan but because he is tall and she is not, she only got his legs wet.  He thought it would be funny to get her back but evidently it was not.  Ruby was mad and stayed mad for a while. 
Ryan was sad for a while until Ruby forgave him. 

Lydia surprised all of us at how much she loved the water.   She even got knocked down a couple of times by the waves, but she just laughed and screamed and got up and screamed and laughed and screamed and well, she just loved it.  When I asked her if she was cold, she said that she liked being cold.  Even though her lips were blue and her teeth were chattering, she could not be coaxed away from the waves.

The screaming probably would have been annoying, but it was softened by the noise of the surf.  Have you ever seen such joy on someones face. 
sexy mama

This is one of my favorite pictures.  As we were waiting to enter the wild animal park, Ruby had her arm around Lydia's shoulder and they were having a little cousin time.  They were just chatting away.  I love this and will always remember this precious moment.

Here are some of the animals we saw at the Wild Animal park.

This was the most impressive one to me because until you see one in person, you can't imagine how really big they are. 

Giraffes have always been my favorite animal.  I love their long necks (maybe it's because I have no neck).  I love their graceful walk and their spots and their big eyes. 
Emma was the best baby ever.  She never cried, just smiled.  Ryan and Becca, you are so blessed. 

Thes two birds were making a nest and it was fun to watch them.

For some reason maps were very important to these guys.  They fought over one little map that we had so I got them each their own map.  After that, they lost interest in maps.  Funny how that works.  But it was fun to show them where we were on the map and where we were going.

The Gorillas were shy.

A couple of nutty bats

We did a lot of walking and there weren't that many places to sit.  Liam didn't mind just sitting down on the ground.  I was wishing I could join him but I would not be able to get back up.

I really appreciated  Ryan, Becca, Marty, and Mindy finding a way for me to join them on this trip.  I was not in a position to go, but they took things into their own hands and got me a plane ticket and drove an extra two hours (with a sick child) to get me to the condo so I could enjoy this trip.  It was fun and I am so glad I didn't miss it.  There is no better thing than family time.  Of course there is drama,  no sleep,  spending too much money, eating too much food, playing games, hugs, kisses, blessings, and more.  Thank you again.  I love all of you and can't wait to see you again.


  1. I LOVE this post. you had so many great pictures!!!! i need to steal some! your camera is awesome...what you talking about takes good pics! i love the one of ruby getting drenched and liam sitting on the pavement and lydia and ruby being cute cousins...thanks so much for posting all those pics and mostly for coming. it would NOT have been the same with out you. you make things fun and you are such a good wonderful unique grandma for these kids...they need you around as much as possible.! i am so glad it worked out, so so glad. it was a very memorable trip. we need to keep doing it no matter how broke we are:) we are going to get rich though:) so no worries...ha! thanks for making all that yummy food and turning nothing into something! loved it. love you. we'll play that game again at the lake!!!!!!!

  2. You wrote so much and I can't remember everything I wanted to comment on! I love that picture of Ruby and Lydia at the zoo. I laughed at your "wise cracks" comment. Ruby totally was justified in being mad at Ryan. The pictures of Lydia in the ocean are awesome! And I can't remember what else.

  3. I love to read your blogs grandma and I just wish so badly that I could be with the wright family more often!!! I was looking at the pictures of ruby and liam and charlie and lydia and everyone and they are so big and the last time I saw liam was when he was just a baby and its kinda weird! I Love you guys sooo MUCH!!!


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