Sunday, August 5, 2012

The South and The Missionary

There is a little part of the world called Summerville South Carolina, and there is a little part of Summerville called Nantucket Way and there is a house on Nantucket way where there is a a wonderful family and that is where I was.  OK that was corny, but it really is a wonderful place and they really are a wonderful family. 
In the morning I went for a walk in the neighborhood.  There was some kind of insect that was making a really loud noise as a group.  It sounded kind of like electrical wires humming and chirping combined, and it was at times  deafening, but it really gave you a summer feeling along with the birds singing and the sun and humidity moistening your whole body.  Serious summer. 

The back yard. 
We took a trip to downtown Charleston.  It was really hot and the air was heavy, but I was glad we went.  It is so beautiful there.

Travis and Jake resting. 
Travis, Grandma, and Jake resting.  I love those guys.
Matt and Echo resting?
Some historical building.  We didn't go in because the guy with the ax was scary.

old buildings down town
an older home in Charleston, still used as a residence.
Cobblestone street.  These stones were brought from England to add wight to the ship so they began using them to pave their streets and other inventive construction, and when the Brits found out they started taxing the colonies for the stones.  (Echo do I have that right?)  anyway, the streets are kind of hard to walk on without twisting you ankle.

Jake dancing?
The older buildings and homes downtown have these interesting alleyways between the buildings.  Some lead to another street and some to a back yard, but they are all pretty and some have beautiful landscaping.

Travis and Jake were distracted by a spider

We ended up at the water's edge.  Lots of sailing going on.  It was such a beautiful day I wished we could have stayed and walked all over the town.
One day we went to see some of the model homes built by Ryland Homes.  Matt is the construction manager.  He build 24 homes in one month.  Samantha is a good model and the sweetest granddaughter ever.  I love her.

Jake showing off his juggling skills with some of the decorations in the kitchen

The bed in the master bedroom looked so inviting that Echo and Samantha had to try it out.

We then went to another area where Jake was in charge of the Landscaping of the new homes.  He wanted us to see his work.  All the rest of the buildings here are landscaped by Jake.  He was in charge of the projects and the crew.

Samantha gave me a pedicure with a message and everything.  I felt like a queen. 
A pretty fellow if you like grasshoppers.  I liked him.  He came for a visit and stayed to have his picture taken.
The real reason I came at this particular time to visit this Wright family.  Here are the new missionary clothes that came in the mail from Mr. Mac in Salt Lake.  The suit fits great.  He really looks like a missionary and we are all so proud of him.

Elder Wright with his proud papa Elder Wright looks more like a Barney than a Wright,  but he is his Dad in so many ways.  I'm so very proud of the men they are. 
Some of the Wrights and some of the Barneys at the Columbia Temple when Jake took out his endowments. 

One night we had a spontaneous music festival.  The talented ones played the piano and sang and then Echo had us all sing a song that her church Choir was singing at Church that Sunday.  They did the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's version of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It was magnificent, thrilling, and breathtaking.  I was so proud of her.  She is the Choir director.  Jake gave his farewell talk that Sunday also and he gave such a humble and yet powerful talk about missionary work.  He even shared my story about how I was introduced to the Church.  Because of my friend who shared the gospel with me, I have had four sons serve missions and now my grandson will serve.  It was a wonderful meeting and a wonderful Sunday.  I wish you could all have been there.  Save your money and go visit the South soon. 

I know this isn't a good picture, but I wanted you to see it because it is so  fun.  Sunday evening we decided to go for a walk.  Sister Barney has a hard time walking very far, so she rode the rider mower with us and you can see Allie on her bike.  The rest of us walked.  We walked to another neighborhood where Echo's parents were staying and some of Matt and Echo's friends house that were on vacation. 
Look at me, I look lake a fat dwarf.  I don't realize how short I am or how fat I am until a see a picture of myself.  I think that is why I hate to have my picture taken.  How vain is that.
By the time we headed back home, it was dark.  That is Echo's sister.  She and her husband use to live in Hollister and that's how I'm know there now.  I'm someone related to Gail Dubravak.  Gail and her husband just adopted a baby from Russia.  She is so cute and so funny. 
Our Southern Belle
One of  their friends who works in the Ag department of the college brought over all this produce.  We had already eaten about 10 watermelon when I took this picture. 
Travis making use of the watermelon in a creative way.   I had to remind him that they go inside the body, not outside. 

The night before I left we went bowling.  I must say, the Wrights are not great bowlers.  But I, who never goes bowling and can barely lift and hurl the ball down the alley still beat Echo my daughter-in-law. 
One of Jake and Allie's friends came and he was probably the only one there who bowled with some ability.
good form for Matt,
Samantha did surprisingly well for someone who hardly ever bowled.  I think she was even surprised at how well she did.

Travis had an interesting approach and he even got a strike with this form.

Poor Echo, but she had fun
The day I went home, we went looking for hush puppies which I had a longing for.  We found them at the Crab Shack and they were really good.  I bought a second order which I took with me on the plane .  I was glad I had them in Chicago as they sustained me on my long night at the air port.  Another Story.
I also had shrimp and grits.  Oh how I loved them.  they were so good.


  1. You're so cute. I love the way you write. I can just picture you saying all of this.

    You look very pretty in that picture where Samantha is giving you a pedicure.

    I have a picture of my best friends and me in front of that temple. I went to South Carolina for my old roommate's wedding long, long ago, and stayed only one night. I want to go back! I'm glad you go to go and that you had fun.

  2. I loved have you here grandma and Im glad you had a lot of fun!!!!!!


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