Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What do we do at the Lake

There is water and who doesn't love the water?
And sand, so much sand

Brother's can be so mean!

Lot's of horsing around

There is lots of one on one time for everyone

Lots of books to read

Hide and go Seek, or something like that
Trying new recipes and eating lots of deliceous food

cheesy posing
jet skiing

Hanging out by the water
Ping Pong anyone?

games to play
Being barefoot all the time (except for Ryan)
Just being happy
I said Happy Lydia
 a trip to The Pine Shack
As always, a visit from Roberst DiNero.  He loves our family
Lots of BFFS

  Another successful vacation at Lake Almanor.  It is Heaven on Earth and it's a good thing.  You can
never have too much of a good thing.  Until next year.......... 


  1. Looks like a bunch of fun!!!! Love you grandma!! <3

  2. hey! can't call it cheesy posing when she looks like a model now can we!>? i crack up at marty's curled up toes! so characteristic of him! and the dinero shot. oh. my gosh. scary.!! love emma's happy face! what a sweet baby! and that was a great a shot of luci getting thrown in the lake! oh i miss it already.


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