Thursday, September 13, 2007

California Living

Hi Everyone, We in Califonia have a very interesting demographic going on. A lot of people here in the Bay Area are finding that they can no longer afford to live here. They are not able to make enough money to keep up with the economy so they are all moving to the central valley or out of state. Another part of the demographic is that there are a lot of Hispanic and Asians moving into the Bay area to take the place of those moving out. Consequently we are losing membership in the church at an alarming rate. Last week there were two stakes that were combined into one stake in San Jose. Not two wards, but two stakes. We have had several Stakes who have also combined wards including Morgan Hill Stake. No matter, I love California and will probably die here. Sometimes I have a longing to be closer to those who live out of state, but they moved away from me, I didn't move from them, so they will just have to live without me and I them. I'll visit though. Raquel, Russ, boys, and I will be taking a road trip to Utah in November to see Liam and attend the blessing. We'll get to see M & M's new home and I'm looking forward to the visit. It will be quick and short because I have work and boys have school. We have a nice freezer that we are taking to M & M and a few other things that are too hard to send in the mail. I'm still holding down the fort at work without a Facilities Manager. I have been two months without a boss, but I'm hoping that soon that will change. I go home completely drained and I hate the phone and the computer so rarely touch them at home. I'm taking a break right now so better get back to work. I can't wait to see Liam. Love to all. Anthony had to do a presentation for school that involved a demonstration so he decided to show how to bake "Grandma's French Bread" He managed to get 20 out of 20 points for his presentation. He brought all the ingredients and showed how to put it together and explained what the yeast does, etc. He also brought enough homemade bread for the whole class to eat. Way to go Anthony!! One more thing. I have to correct one thing in my blog about Jake visiting us here. The picture of Jakes new best friend was not Kim, but Raquel. I knew that, but just typed the wrong name. Raquel was really mad because Kim already had taken over Ruby as her best friend, and Raquel wanted it made clear that her and Jake were buddies. Forgive an old lady and keep smiling. Mom/Diane/Grandma

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  1. we are so excited too for your trip to UTAH yeah!!! your blog is great! i love reading it's funny ...and it's fun to see whats going on over there ...we wish too that you lived closer and we could see more of you ....liam can't wait to meet his grandma and ruby really wishes her best friend kimby is coming... we love you ...keep on blogging..


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