Sunday, December 2, 2007

This and That

OK, blogging is a pain for me because I still have dial up, and everything takes forever. I'm going to give you a few little snippets of what is going on and I'll catch up later on the details. 1. Big news... Jake is in the top 10 cross country racers on the Varsity team at his school. That is quite an acheivement for a boy who has other big hurdles to deal with. He also got special recognition for volunteering to buddy up with a younger runner who can't get to practice at the same time the Varsity team meets. Jake waits for him and runs with him so he won't have to do it by himself. He was not recruited, but saw a need and volunteered. I think Jake is a good example to all of us. 2. Becca goes into the hospital to have her baby on Tuesday, Dec 4th unless she goes into labor before that. It looks like Ryan and Becca have settled on the name Lydia and we can't wait until she gets here safe and sound. I can't think of a better Christmas present for our family. 3. David and Vanessa also have a new baby. His name is Max. He's black and brown and has four legs and is very well mannered for a mutt. You will probably hear a lot about Max as David and Vanessa are completely in love with him and love to talk about him. 4. Raquel and Russ are in charge of providing needs for the "Maria House" which is a home for unwed mothers. So far they have gotten volunteers and donations to paint the bedrooms and proved ceiling fans and lighting for some of the rooms. Raquel works so hard on this project and it isn't always easy to get the volunteers she needs, especially this time of year, but she is a trooper and is tireless in getting the work done. 5. Kim is getting ready for winter break, so she is studying hard and working hard (retail is hard this time of year). I hardly see her anymore between school and work she is never home and when she is, she disappears into her bedroom. 6. I felt so privelaged to be able to be in Utah when Liam was blessed. He is the best baby and the cutest so far. I miss him terribly and can't wait to go back to Utah for a visit. Mindy and Marty blogged most of that visit on their blog, so I won't say too much about it other than I love Tai Pan. Thanks for taking me there. And yes, I went down the slide head first over and over again to the delight of Ruby. 7. Becca and Ryan, now that your baby will be here soon, you will have to get a blog to share pictures. So get going. It's fun and it's easy. 8. David and Vanessa, start blogging. I mean it!!! Some pictures below of our trip to Utah that you havn't already seen on M & M's blog:

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