Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Birthday Bash

Raquel's party was a big hit with everyone. (She doesn't look (or act) 40) what do you think? Even though everyone was told not to bring gifts, some people brought them anyway. Here we see Raquel trying on the green sweatshirt Kim brought her from Victoria's Secret. Russ had everone at the party sing Happy Birthday and then Raquel said a few words about being 40, among them she said "In case you were wondering what 40 looks like, here is how it looks" On the right you can see Raquel standing in the back talking. Among the guests were family, ward friends, school friends, and old friends.
There were about 80 people there, but that included families with kids. I forgot to take pictures of all the people swimming and sitting around the pool. See if you can find Lucy in these pictures. It really was a great party and a good time was had by all. There was plenty of food which included barbecued chicken, tri-tip, salad, a shrimp pasta dish, garlic toast, and lots of birthday cake..


  1. It looks like it was so fun! I wish we could have been there

  2. yeah! you finally posted about the big bash! thanx! i wish i was that popular to have 80 people come to my party and bring gifts even when they weren't supposed to! I love gifts! It wasn't the same without us though I know....sniff, sniff


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