Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lake

It was another wonderful week at the lake.  However, there were some things that were a little different this year.   Most noticeably, it was a lot cooler.  The evenings and mornings were cool enough for a jacket and you really needed more than one blanket at night.  Then, just at the day began to warm up and you began to feel hopeful that you could go swimming, a strong wind would come up and spoil it.  The jet skiers loved the wind and believe me there was plenty of that going on. 

The other thing that was different was who showed up at the lake and who didn't.  The Wrights from South Carolina came.  Its been about five years and everyone was all grown up.  It was so fun to have them there.   The Wrights from St. George didn't come because their car broke down.  Holy Moly was I sad about that.  I wasn't too upset about Marty and Mindy but I really missed those grand kids.  Also Ryan and Becca didn't come and we can blame that on Emma.  She is due to make her appearance very soon and it was too close to chance it. 

I don't know what all the jumping was about but it began to look a little dangerous when they started jumping out of the trees.  I hate danger.

Lucy gave David a pedicure.  What a good sport he was.  I think his toes are still red.  I hope he doesn't go out that way wearing his flip flops. 

We played a lot of Up the River and Down the Stream till we were sick of it.  One night Samantha asked a very innocent and logical question about the deck of cards.  She wanted to know why the naked man on the cards was on a pogo stick and some other quality questions that had Matt laughing so hard that he began to weep.    You probably had to have been there to appreciate it, but it really was funny. 

I finished this sweater and booties for Emma while I was there.  We also made friendship bracelets.  Samantha made several. 
Samantha kayaking. 

The food and the barbecues and the smores.  Some of us tried to be good and some didn't even try.

Lucy didn't have a lot of competition for attention this year since she was the only little one there.  She was very fickle and had a different "boy friend" each day.  She got upset with Jake and Travis because they got a little rough with her and she had enough and didn't want anything to do with them the rest of the week.  They were sad.  She never has much to do with me so I know how they felt.

She did go swimming with me.  Last year she swam out to the bouy with me, but this year she didn't want to.  We just swam around the dock. 

Lucy became excellent at kayaking

and she became very good at steering the jet ski.
Cousins bonding.  We had a couple of extra boys up this year.  Skyler was there and Anthony's friend Evan.  Before we got up there, Raquel had a bunch of friends and their kids there.  They were pretty worn out by the time we got there.  One of the things that the first group loved so much were the dance parties every night with the WI.  Our family just couldn't quite get into that.  Lucy and Samantha did tho.  It was fun to watch the dancers.  I think if we had moved the couches back more people may have got their groove on. 
At the end of the day, we were all worn out and ready for bed.  Some of us didn't quite make it to bed.  Sweet dreams.  We did have one warm day.  It was the last day we were there.  Matt, Echo, and family had already left for home so they missed it.  We all took advantage of the day.  There wasn't even a breeze let alone wind and it was warm enough for me (I know I'm a wimp but I like it hot when I swim).  At least we had one hot day.  Good bye lake for another year.  We love you. 


  1. I wonder if it was too early in the summer for warm weather? That's so weird. At least it's a beautiful place, so even if the weather isn't so nice, it's still a great place to be.

  2. Weird! I only saw half of the post the first time through and then I clicked back and the post was twice as long! So here is my second comment, which I would have put with my first comment if the whole post had been there.

    I LOVE that sweater and booties set! It might be my favorite thing you've made. Actually, I don't know. We pulled out all of Lydia's old sweaters to put in Emma's closet and I started tearing up with almost every one of them. Can't wait to add that purple one to Emma's collection!


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