Friday, September 23, 2011


For some of you that live in the South or even in Uah, you will think me naieve when I say that Fall is speedily coming to California.   As you crunch through gold, red, and purple leaves and glory in all the colors hanging from the trees, we here are still pretty green and brown.  But here are a few indications that we too enjoy this season. 

Picking pumpkins.  We went to the Bonino Pumpkin Patch and found a few that we liked.
Look Ma, no hands!!

Russ found a few that he liked too.  Really Russ, Seriously?

I don't know who he is texting or why, but it looks serious.

Another clue that Fall is here is Football games.  We have our own family super star.  Number 77, Anthony Bonino, star center for the Christopher Cougars.  You should be able to find him in all these pictures.

Well, not this one.

or this one

After the game, Pericose.  They have cantelope juice and Chili Rellenos.  Yum

One more clue that Fall is here,  Sunflowers.  We always get tons of sunflowers.  It's nice having a farmer in the family.  So many perks Before you know it I'll be posting Thanksgiving, but right now, I'm thankful for Fall. 


  1. Fall is my favorite season...I just wish it would get cooler already! See you tomorrow!

  2. Quit talking about seeing you tomorrow kim! makes me so sad! i miss my family ! so much! i miss california!~~ these pictures made me so homesick ...for cali! what beautiful pics di! your camera is doing awesome pictures!? did you get a new one? i love love love pumpkins...i don't have fall colors here either and i miss the crunching leaves of all colors!!! the sunflowers are pretty too! miss you more>

  3. oh and ps. i would die to watch anthony play fb! way to go bud. that would be so much fun. we miss you all.


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