Thursday, October 20, 2011

So, what's everyone planning to wear this year for Halloween.  I want pictures.  If you’re considering entering a haunted house, INSIST on positioning yourself in the middle of your crowd of friends.  If you’re first or last in the group you’re probably going to die.    Seriously.  I don’t belong in a haunted house.  I’d get my murder scream on.  No one likes that.
Listen… if you’re buying  your Halloween outfit at a  store that also sells skimpy spandex outfits and furry handcuffs, I’m really really going to need you to stop that right now.  This brings me to a very important point:  the slutty bee/nurse/policewoman/fairy/cat/warrior/French maid/girl scout/bomb inspector/hipster/moose/panda bear/zombie/Strawberry Shortcake… is SO OVERPLAYED (major lame).   
I distinctly remember when the whole slutty Halloween costume entered my life.  I was 16.  I was an old lady (with shawl, wig, crazy lipstick, and glasses).  My best friend  was a French maid.  Yep.  Lines were drawn.  I knew who I was….
 Don’t be slutty.  Slutty on Halloween is DUMB and predictable and DUMB! Consider being sponge bob, but not a sexy sponge bob or Elvis, or maybe Obama.  Anyway, I want pictures posted. 


  1. ILOVEYOU. that is so so so true. especially in college when you have a bunch of hormonal single desparate gals. i back you up 100% thanks for vocalizing:) the sad thing days i see it among lds mom's who use it as an excuse to wear whatever they want!

  2. If I was drinking something right now, I would have spit it all over the place. I had one of those kinds of laughs while reading this. You are funny!


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