Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have You Seen My Cat

Iris went missing on Sunday night.  In our other house she would come and go as she pleased, but since I moved in with Kim, she was a little wary of going outside.  Let's face it, she was chicken.  Lately she was getting a little braver and on Sunday night she took a little stroll and never came back.  Kim thought she heard her in the middle of the night meowing, but she didn't think it was Iris, because she didn't know Iris went out.  

I could look at it this way.  My yarn is now safe from being strewn all over the house.  I don't have to clean the litter box.  No more cat hair on our furniture, clothes, etc.  No more cat food to buy.  No more trying to get her on a diet.  no more being attacked when she is bored.  But the truth is I'm sad.  Really sad.  Even though she was trouble and annoying, I am so sad.  Why would I miss this psyco kitty?  Well first and formost because she loved me.  How can you resist someone that loves you unconditionally.  She always had to be in the room with me and she would rub up against my legs in the most endearing way that made me know she was happy to see me.  Even if I completely ignored her, she would sit patiently by until I would notice her and let her know that I know she was there.  The other reason I'm sad is because I don't know what happened to her and I worry if she is hurt or suffering.  Maybe someone just saw her and wanted her.  Kim made a flyer that we put up around our neighborhood.  I even took one to my old house in case Iris decided she didn't like living here and wanted to go back "home".  Some animals do that you know.  Anyway, I've said a prayer for her.  She is such a fraidy cat and I'm very worried about her.  But I'm thinking it doesn't look like I will see her again.  I'm so sad.

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